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Satsang with Sensei (14 Feb 2021) 10-11:30am Pacific Standard Time

Satsang With Sensei (Held on the Second Sunday Each Month)

Satsang is 1.5 hours long. Attend one group Satsang with Sensei. In-person for local participants or via Zoom for international and non-local participants. The $20 registration fee is for one participant to attend. Be sure that the name and email address on your paid registration are the same that you will use to log into the event as they will serve as your only proof for being admitted. Registration will close at 8am on the day of satsang.



“Sensei has changed my life and has helped me tremendously grow in my spiritual walk. He pushes me to continue to grow and challenges me to see things from different mind blowing perspectives. Never steering me and always having me go within for answers. He has gone over and beyond letting me know he truly cares and is here for me. Thank you Sensei. “

Vanessa V.