Green Apple Consciousness Exercise

Sensei employs mental exercises (thought experiments and contemplations) to help make deepening of one’s consciousness an experiential phenomenon. Here he uses his green apple mental exercise to help you strip away false senses of identity and personhood that routinely lead to suffering.
Green Apple Consciousness Exercise | Satsang With Sensei

Spiritual Growth Shakes Up Your Community

When you begin to develop spiritually your social circle will likely be shaken up. This is due to the vibrational shift and deeping of your consciousness. If the earth shifted even 1 degree from its current axis the changes would be quite dramatic and felt everywhere. Things would forever be different. So it is with true awakening…… STAY GROUNDED.

How To Have An Awakening Right Now

Sensei often speaks about what he calls Co-Presence. True to form, rather than merely giving definitions he prefers to give the experience of what he teaches. During this satsang, Sensei takes attendees through an exercise to put them in direct contact with that which does not suffer, feels no pain and is always Co-present no matter what we are presently experiencing. Listen and be changed…right now.
How To Have An Awakening Right Now | Satsang with Sensei