Satsanga also called “satsang” derives from the Sanskrit words “sat” (pronounced “sot”) which means “being, essence, truth or reality” and “sanga” (pronounced “song-ga” as in “song”) which means “association or gathering.” So loosely translated we can say satsang is “a gathering with beings for Truth.” Or perhaps “association of true beings.” 

Who should attend Satsang? Anyone seeking to experience deeper levels of Consciousness, interested in Buddhist spiritual concepts, eliminating personal suffering and for personal development. This a dynamic interaction between the speaker and attendees where (1) you may have the opportunity to ask questions directly and have them answered in real-time (2) request to dialogue directly with the speaker while all other attendees witness the conversation or (3) simply attend in silence and observe the entire interaction while in deep contemplation and reflection. No participant will be required to speak, ask questions or be heard. Rather, it is a privilege that may be granted to an attendee if the question is deemed to be directly relevant to the purpose of these gatherings and broad enough so that all participants could benefit from exploring it. 

Come As You Are

Satsang is open to all regardless of their personal beliefs, religious affiliations or lack of any. Minimum age requirement to participate is 16 years oldInternational and domestic participants are welcome as satsang may be offered in-person and/or online depending upon the circumstances. Satsang with Sensei is available live in-person (when permissible) and/or online. Times vary. Please visit the “Join Sastang” page for the next gathering.